A Quoddy Anthology

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The Passamaquoddy Bay or Quoddy Region is a unique area tucked into the southwest corner of the Bay of Fundy. The State of Maine occupies the western side of the area, but well over 75% of the land and ocean belongs to New Brunswick, Canada. Superimposed across this border area are the ancestral lands of the Passmaquoddy Tribe of the Wabanaki Nation. This unique accident of history has truly created a “land of three worlds”; a politically volatile dynamic in an area of great natural wealth.

The principal features are the St. Croix Estuary, Passamaquoddy Bay and the adjacent Maine shore, the New Brunswick mainland to Point Lepreau, Deer Island, Campobello Island, and Grand Manan Island which sits offshore but is under the influence of Passamaquoddy Waters.

The Quoddy Region is known around the world for its spectacular scenery, birds, and whales. It includes a number of wellknown places: St. Stephen - famous for Ganong Chocolates; St. Andrews - a spectacular resort town; Deer Island - home of the largest Canadian lobste operation, Campobello - the site where Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s summer cottage and Campobello Roosevelt International Park are located; Blacks Harbour - home of the world’s largest sardine factory, Cutler - location of an important military facility, and Grand Manan Island - known around the world for its spectacular scenery, birds, and whales.

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Art MacKay

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