VINTAGE CATALOGUE: Fascination for Literary Men

Ahh, today we never had it so good! In the good old days, everything was typed on a typewriter … and the mistakes? Well you left them, waxed corrections over each word, or typed it all over … your choice. Once you had your “clean” (or “acceptable”) copy then you photocopied or mimeographed it to get the number of hard copies you needed. Then What? Well you continually collected addresses of potential customers and mailed your lists in envelopes with the proper postage. And then you waited … and waited… and waited. If a customer was in a hurry you got a phone call, packed up the book and mailed it off. If the customer had credit … then you waited and waited again. And what outstanding prices you received. Just take a look at this list from 1972 to get some idea. Unless you have been there, you truly cannot imagine the stresses and strains!

This download includes a pdf of this interesting book list, JPEGs or each file, and the Gentlemen Image for you use.

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