COLOR & LEARN - Common Marine Bivalve Molluscs

COLOR & LEARN - Common Marine Bivalve Molluscs - 17 vintage bivalve mollusc clips and printables to paint or color,11 x 17 poster and reference links.

“Color and Learn” collections include line drawings and supporting information that can be used by graphic designers and as a student learning experience for teachers on all levels. Copyright is held by Art MacKay. Images may be used for personal, educational and commercial use if incorporated into a product. Images may not be resold in any form.

How To Color
Download the images to your computer and print them on a good quality paper. Remember inkjet inks may run if you are using watercolor or acrylic paint, so check a print to determine whether or not this will be a problem. Crayons are ideal and pastels and chalks work as well but should be fixed with clear acrylic spray when finished.

How to Learn
Assign a specific image to each student. Have them find a color reference image online and at the same time research the topic and produce a short report. When the class is finished have each student present their drawings and report on the image. When this is concluded combine the images and reports into a single publication for reference and distribution.

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